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Discover the path of Spirituality and Guru devotion for child birth . A safe n sweet Pregnancy and Baby care through Blessings of Sadhguru Shirdi Saibaba .  
Devotion on Guru Saibaba for Child birth , Prayers and Pooja for Pregnancy and Child Care

It was late 18th century. A Saint whom people affectionately called "Sai" lived in a small village Shirdi, India. You can learn about the Life of Saibaba in holy book Sai Satcharitra .India is known for holy saints who's word of blessing has great powers. Saibaba identified himself as servant of God but the five elements of nature Earth ,Water,Fire,Wind and Space listened to his command.

SaiMother is a Temple for women who believe in Shirdi Saibaba to have child , safe pregnancy and child care. I have tried to collect incidents in the life of Saibaba. Reading the articles in Sai Mother itself is a blessing for you . Sai has assured "When ever a devotee chants my name "Sai Sai Sai" and read , listen to my leela ( Miracles by blessing of saint ) with pure devotion on Guru's feet , i will start to do leela in their life."

Pooja for Child birth :

Every religion has its own way of prayers to God to get blessings for Child birth and safe pregnancy and delivery of Child. You can visit StarSai Temple of humanity for various pooja which you can offer to Shirdi Saibaba especially Shradha Saburi pooja.

Beyond all this Pooja and rituals comes the faith of the devotee. Read the incident during Saibaba's life time below this saibaba Photo to learn about the greatness of devotion on Guru and the power of their Word of blessing.

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Dwarakamai of Saibaba : Shirdi Village : Late 18th century, India :

" How foolish are people to think a coconut can give blessings of a child ? " asked Saibaba to Shama his ardant devotee. A women Mrs.Aurangabadkar did not had a child for over 27 years. She did all medical and spiritual efforts to have a child. Those days in india, a married women who doesn't give birth to a child is considered inauspicious to the family. Mrs.Aurangabadkar finally came to Shirdi village hearing Saint Saibaba's fame. She was told if she offers a coconut to this saint and gets it broken ,takes it back from him as a blessing, she will surely be blessed with a child.

Being a women, she felt shy to approach Sai and tell her problems of not having a child openly admist the crowd of devotees standing in Dwarakamai ( the masjid where saibaba resides ). She requested Shama, Sai's close devotee to help her get a blessed coconut from Sainath. Shama said her to be ready with coconut and step inside dwarakamai when he gives signal.

After sometime the women Mrs.Aurangabadkar came up in to Dwarakamai and bowed down in the holy feets of shirdi saibaba. She presented the coconuts and joss- sticks to saibaba . Saibaba took the coconut which was dry. The kernel within rolled and made a sound. Saibaba teasingly asked , " Shama, this is rolling, what you think it says ". Shama replied " The women prays that, a child should similarly roll in her womb. Please give her the coconut with yout blessings"

Saibaba asked "Will this ordinary coconut give her any issue ? How foolish are people to imagine things like this ! "

Shama replied " I know the power of your words and blessing, Your word will give her many children. You are playing and not giving real blessings sai "

Both Guru and his devotee were having this affectionate controversy for a while. Saibaba ordered the break the coconut and Shama pleased for gift of entire fruit to the women. Sai finally agreed and said "She will have a child", When ? asked Shama . "In 12 month" assured Sai. How powerful were these words of sai friend. How beautiful it would have sounded.This assurance is all that the women expected from sainath.

At this the coconut was broken into two parts , one was eaten by Sai and Shama and other was given to the women as a blessing. She delivered a son in a year's time and the Son was brought to Saibaba to take his blessing. The Aurangabadkar couple prostrated before Sai and offered 500 /- Rs which was spent in constructing a shed for Saibaba's pet horse "Shyam karna"

Your Devotion on Shirdi Saibaba and firm belief that Saibaba will help you will bless you with a child :

There are many women who desire to have child. At a point of time when their medical efforts doesn't result in getting Pregnant , they get into worries , depression and misunderstanding in the family. There are some who avoid child birth for various reasons like fear , career issues, family issues etc. So they do abortion and after a while when they really desire to have a child, they know it really is a mistake when God gifted them with a child earliar.

Collection of Sai Leelas ( Incidents during Saibaba's life time ) to bring Faith in you :

I had to give a introduction about Saibaba in because if a women who is not a devotee of Saibaba comes to this website, i wonder what she might think.This is not a commercial website where we sell something. This is a humble effort to help women have devotion and take the path of Guru Bhakti ( Devotion towards on Guru Saibaba ) to have Child. I made sure no one feels only blessings of Shirdi Saibaba can bless you with child and even thats the only way. In the days to come i shall write about experiences of Saibaba devotees during saibabas life time to present time who were blessed to have children through pure devotion on Saibaba.

My humble feeling is SaiBaba has very clearly shown us through the incidents ( sai leela ) during his life time that "When couples are devoted to him, do pooja, involve themselves in Sai Seva , surely their wishes are getting fulfilled".

Ofcourse not all who gained blessings of Saibaba were able to have child . As Saibaba himself said once to Hamadpant "Look at the flowers in Mango tree, how beautiful it will be if all the flowers become a Mango fruit, but do they ? Many fall out ".

Here Saibaba tells us to have firm "Shradha and Saburi - Faith and Patience " . Some of you might face a miscarriage various times , Some women might never be able to get Pregnant and worser case some might have lose of a just born child. In Saibaba's time also in one devotees experiences, Sai blessed them with a child with tears in eyes . Later after 8 years the child passed away much to the shock of the parents.Later they understood why Sai blessed them with tears years back. Did you understand something here. Though Saibaba is all powerful saint. At times we have to accept the fate . The truth about our sufferings in life due to past karma ( our good/bad actions of seevral past birth ).

Greatness of devotion is accepting pains as we accept Happiness in life :

This site is dedicated to Sai devotees who are facing such pains and worry why Saibaba has not protected you. Friend, Please remember even during Saibaba's life time in late 18th century such pains were faced by Couples. Once a devotee who was blessed by Saibaba had series of Children but all the child passed away in very few weeks or month. The devotee took his recent child infront of Shirdi Saibaba's portrait in his house and prayed with devotion " Sai, take these children also if you want " See the greatness of devotion friend.

I know its hard to digest Miscarriage and loss of a child. Please remember your fate can't be changed and you have to go through sufferings in life based on your past karma. All you have with you is trust on Saibaba's holy feets and Sai's words of assurance. "You will be a Good happy healthy Mother "

Will be continued with more articles about Saibaba and pregnancy issues

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About SaiMother

When Das Ganu maharaj went to Saibaba to bless him to do kirtan ( singing in praise of God ), Saibaba saw his Royal dressing and asked him to offer them in his feets and wear simple dress. How great is our Guru who made sure none of his devotees is egoistic for the work they do.

Similarly i offer my body, mind and soul in the holy feets of Sainath and pray Sai let this work "Sai Mother" Serve his children. .

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You can also write to me about your experiences and pregnancy articles , tips for child care which i shall add when ever i get time.

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